Pat Temple & the Hi Lo Players coming to Humboldt

See event info here.

Upcoming events:

When it rains it pours! Two more upcoming concerts (check out the Arts Humboldt Facebook page and Arts Humboldt website for details):
– Wed. May 3 – Shawna Caspi (amazing guitar-picker and folk vocalist). Co-hosting with The Community Gathering Place (at the Community Gathering Place). Call or text Brian Grest (231-8284) for tickets.
– Fri. May 12 – Kayla Howran & Dylan Ireland (they’re back!). & Co-hosting with the Humboldt Golf Club (at the Humboldt Golf Club).

Arts Humboldt has had the great fortune of being able to bring a wide variety of shows to Humboldt in the past few years. Many people are starting to take notice, are stopping us to say “thanks!”, and are taking advantage of not having to travel to the “big city” to see the acts we are bringing in (these are the same acts that hit the clubs in Toronto and Vancouver). Arts Humboldt thanks you all for your support!